HTAG was an album-length cassette release by Jeph Jerman, performing under the name Hands To. Patrick designed and produced the package while running his Apraxia Music Research record and tape label in the 1990s.

The idea for this package came from Jeph’s desire to create an artifact from an archaeological dig. At first we were going to write an ersatz journal article, with an accompanying cassette from “sounds discovered at the site.” However, the idea of creating the artifact itself soon became impossible to resist.

Patrick invented a runic alphabet for the liner notes. The notes were rolled into a little scroll and packed with the tape into a mesh cage, which was wrapped in plaster bandages and buried in the backyard for about a week, then disinterred, more or less to order.

As a graphic design project this remains one of our favorites, both for its visceral impact, and for the clarity with which the needs of the project were addressed.