As the Experience Music Project was nearing its grand opening in June 2000, Patrick was working non-stop on three books timed to accompany the museum's launch.

The main volume, Crossroads was the first exhibition catalog for the museum. Patrick designed the book, and spent many hours at EMP's offices, helping the curators of EMP sift through their vast and rapidly growing archives, selecting work and sequencing and arranging it for the book.

The punchy visual language developed for Crossroads was then applied to two smaller souvenir books, which were created as a way of explaining two of the museum's notable aspects: its heavily interactive, technologically-advanced content, and its innovative architecture. The souvenir books were produced as little paperbacks with French flaps, housed in a translucent plastic slipcase.

Patrick designed these books while at Marquand Books, Inc., in late 1999 and early 2000. Ironically, we moved from Seattle to Oakland in June, missing the grand opening by a few days.